Jeremy Leach Pottery Studio at The Edgemoor Hotel

If you take a wander down into our garden, you may find yourself a little surprise. It’s not a gnome, or an enchanted garden shed. It is in fact home to the wondrous creations and working studio of local potter, Jeremy Leach. You may recognise his name, that’s because his family have a long history of pottery and we’d even go as far to say that his family is famous in the pottery world.

Jeremy Leach was born near St. Ives in 1941 where his father, David Leach, was hard at work in the Leach Pottery. Jeremy began his pottery career at the ripe old age of 5 years old, under his father’s instruction, of course. In his twenties, Jeremy set up the Central School of Arts & Crafts and shortly after, he set up Craft Pottery in South East London. After a career spent teaching pottery in London, Jeremy moved to Bovey Tracey in Devon in 1970, where he has since been potting in his studio in Lowerdown.

When owners Simon & Heather moved to The Edgemoor in 2008, they became great friends with dear Jeremy across the road. They admired his great talents and wonderfully vibrant personality. As time went on, it became apparent that Jeremy had outgrown his little pottery in Lowerdown and was very much in need of a little extra space. Then the penny dropped. How wonderful would it be to have a working pottery situated in the grounds of the hotel? The plans started and by November 2013, the studio had taken up its deserved spot at the bottom of the The Edgemoor Hotel’s garden.

Jeremy now works permanently from his studio at The Edgemoor in Bovey Tracey. If you drive by at night, you can often see him working as his creative juices stop him from going home on time. We even built a mini zen garden next to the pottery which guests enjoy finding a little headspace in from time to time. There is nothing finer than in the warm summer months taking a glass of chilled white wine down to the pottery (which gets the very last of the summer sunshine) and chatting to Jeremy about his wonderful experiences. If you dine with us, you will notice our soup bowls and butter dishes are ii fact made by Jeremy himself, down in the pottery studio on the hotel grounds.

If you have always wanted to give pottery a go but have never found a reason to make the move, why not give our pottery classes with Jeremy a try? We can do one-off beginner taster sessions, or a regular weekly course format. Whichever suits you. To enquire about learning pottery with Jeremy, please call the hotel on 01626 832466.

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