Given the entirely unprecedented nature of this pandemic the Government has announced a support package that we can access to specifically avoid termination of employment where possible.

If in accordance with Government criteria you are designated as one of our Employees to be furloughed it will take immediate effect at the point that you are notified. The Government rules surrounding the operation of this support measure are as yet unpublished.  We do need to be in a position to recall you to work to cover changes in demand.

Please look at the Government Guidance that sets out very important details for all employees.

This would constitute a change to your contract of employment and therefore we need your written consent now, so that if / when the time comes when we need to enrol you into this support scheme, we can do it without delay.

Please note that this letter is not designating you as being furloughed. As and when you are furloughed you will be notified by email (the Furlough Notice). The purpose of this letter, and your consent, is solely to allow us both to access the support scheme when a Furlough Notice is given.

When you receive a Furlough Notice the following arrangements shall apply to you with immediate effect from the date of that Furlough Notice:

  1. This scheme will run from 1st March 2020 but may be reviewed, extended, or modified as advised by the government or in the light of circumstances as they change.
  2. You will no longer come into work until you are required by us to return.
  3. You will remain employed by us and your length of service will continue to accrue.
  4. We believe the company will receive 80% of your pay, up to the Government cap of £2500 per month.
  5. Any holiday entitlement that you have accrued to date or that accrues during the furlough period will be deemed to have been taken during the furlough period. Holidays accruing after the furlough period ends are retained by you for future use.
  6. Whilst you are furloughed you cannot do any work for us, unless instructed by us, otherwise you will drop out of eligibility for the scheme.
  7. We can terminate your furlough and can require you to come back to work on your normal terms if it is safe for you to do so based on government guidance.
  8. We will notify when the scheme expires. On expiry of the scheme you will return to work on your previous contractual employment arrangements.
  9. If you obtain other employment during the scheme this will be classed as a resignation and you must let us know so that we can inform HMRC, stop paying you under the scheme and let you have a P45.
  10. Due to the uncertain nature of the Government guidance and the speed at which this situation is changing you agree to any changes that we need to make to the way that we are operating the scheme.

No one is able to say with any confidence when this emergency will end but we believe that the above is the best, indeed only, realistic way to guarantee the survival of the business and your continued employment when this unprecedented situation comes to an end.

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