Burns Night at The Edgemoor


Born in Alloway, Ayrshire, in 1759 to William Burness, a poor tenant
farmer, and Agnes Broun, Robert Burns was the eldest of seven. He
spent his youth working his father’s farm, but in spite of his poverty he
was extremely well read. At 15 Robert was the principal worker on the
farm and this prompted him to start writing in an attempt to find “some
kind of counterpoise for his circumstances.” It was at this tender age
that Burns penned his first verse, “My Handsome Nell”, which was an
ode to the other subjects that dominated his life, namely scotch and
women… On the anniversary of his birth, Scots both at home and abroad
celebrate Robert Burns with a supper, where they address the haggis,
the ladies and whisky. A celebration which would undoubtedly have

Order of Events

4:00 Tour of Dartmoor Whisky Distillery (own Trabsport required)

7.00 Arrive

7.30 Sit to Dine
Pipe in The Haggis and Address to The Haggis





Fish Course

Smoked salmon mousse

Asparagus mousse

Main Course

Haggis & confit Pheasant on a bed of bubble & Squeek, Fondant swede, whole grain mustard & whisky cream sauce

Mediterranean Vegeatable Stack